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Christmas gifts for children

Doradus strives to take care not only of the future of the earth, but also does not forget about its present. Our company conducts a long-term promotion, in which part of our income is regularly sent to the fund of gifts for children. At the moment, the maximum price of gift for 1 person is set at $50, but in the future, with an increase in the turnover of the company's funds and our capabilities, we will also raise this limit and bring more happiness to children around the world.

Amount in the fund:
the fund is updated regularly

How it works?

Terms of the promotion

Everything is very simple: For example, you decided to please your kid or kids and bought him/her a gift - just attach your cash receipt for up to $50 and we will compensate your expenses. To participate in the promotion, you need to have an active account on the Doradus platform. Attention: You can apply only 1 time! Re-submission of the application is possible if it was previously rejected.

Making an application

The correct completion of the application is a key element of the successful fulfillment of the promotion terms. To apply, you need to fill out this form by entering the required personal data. After you have entered your details, be sure to attach a selfie with a gift and a receipt for the purchase dated the same day you submit your application. Application approval may take up to 7 working days.

Receiving Compensation

After successful completion of the application and its approval, the funds are credited to your balance on the Doradus platform. Important: To withdraw the amount of compensation received, you need to record a short video in the format of a review or upload several photos with a text review about your experience of cooperation with our company and about this promotion. Right after you complete this step, the credited amount of compensation can be withdrawn according to the general rules of the platform using supported payment systems convenient for you.


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