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Just half a century ago, man first went into outer space and until the 2010s, the entire industry remained under the strict control of a small group of states and for the most part these studies were in the nature of a competition.

However, since mankind made a technological leap, the invention of the global network, personal computers, telephones, and then smartphones, the vector of interest quite predictably changed its course and rushed to exclusively "earthly" affairs.

Over the past 20 years, the largest state-owned companies have not actually made any progress in the exploration of near space, and previously launched space telescopes have been replaced by communication satellites to meet the urgent needs of the digital society.

However, with the entry of private companies into the space scene, the situation has changed dramatically and the "pioneers" of the private space business were able to prove that humanity still has every chance to become an interplanetary civilization and has a huge development potential for the coming centuries and it took just a short period of time.

We build our cooperation with these companies, investing in ongoing projects or providing material and technical means to achieve the tasks set. So, we actively participated in the financing of Blue Origin and CAS Space projects, companies that were considered only dreamers and fanatics until recently, when the first spacecraft brought the first space tourists into suborbital flight. And millions of people are dreaming of getting a ticket to such a truly magnificent event.

And millions of people are dreaming of getting a ticket to such a truly magnificent event.

The development of this industry, the popularization of the topic of space exploration and human development in a broad sense as a conqueror of the universe will inevitably contribute to both speeding up the process and significantly improving the quality of manufactured devices and reducing the cost of production. As a result, a much larger number of people will have every chance to be one of the explorers of the vast universe, instead of buying "cosmically" expensive tourist tickets that are now available only to the chosen ones.

The prospects of this investment area are undeniable, because just 10 years ago no one could even think that private companies would conduct excursions in near-Earth orbit, and when this became a reality, their market value and the value of their shares and securities has reached to unthinkable heights.

By investing in the activities of the companies mentioned above, we were able to multiply our capital many times and expand our capabilities.

However, when it comes to space, no amount can be enough to guarantee any result. This is a complex research process, during which a constant inflow of investments is needed to guarantee the continuity of work and bring their long-awaited result closer every day.

That is why we have opened our platform to highlight the topic, the current state of affairs and attract the attention of all those who care about the future of all mankind.